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Introducing Crystal Cable High End Audio Cable

As some of you may know, I have been producing the most recent MA Recordings with Crystal Cable ULTRA cables. As Crystal Cable products are truly unique and amazingly transparent, I thought it would be appropriate to offer them on our website. With this in mind, we have reached an agreement with Crystal Cable in Holland and can now offer their products at current European prices.

Sales are however, limited to the United States (and associated territories), as well as the following countries:

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Chile, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Israel, Iran, Latvia, Morocco Pakistan, The Philippines, Spain, Switzerland, Slovak Republic, UAE, Ukraine and Vietnam.


For those unaware of the design concept of Crystal Cable, in short, they are based on the use of ultra pure silver, infused with gold for added transparency and elegance. Insulated with the world famous Dupont manufactured Kapton® Polyimide film ( the cables are super thin, but super resilient as well. The all important silver braided shielding efficiently and completely shuts out RF/EMI interference, making the cables some of the quietest available.

For starters, we suggest interconnects, such as the PICCOLO (RCA only) which is not terribly expensive, but still delivers very well balanced sound throughout the audio frequency range. For those on a budget, but requiring XLR connectors the MICRO is the way to go. Beyond the MICRO, are the STANDARD, REFERENCE and ULTRA series cables, all available with RCA or XLR connections. For “Diehard, Veteran HiFi Freaks”, ultimate energy, coupled with superb musical elegance can be attained with the top of the line ULTRA interconnects.

Crystal Cable's ULTRA INTERCONNECTS with RCA connectors    

A one meter pair of PICCOLO interconnects is priced at: $400

A 1/2 meter PICCOLO pair is $235

A one meter pair of MICRO interconnects is priced at: $625

A 1/2 meter MICRO pair is $360

A one meter pair of STANDARD interconnects is priced at: $1000

A 1/2 meter STANDARD pair is $535

A one meter pair of REFERENCE interconnects is priced at: $2000

A 1/2 meter REFERENCE pair is $1335

A one meter pair of ULTRA interconnects is priced at: $3300

A 1/2 meter ULTRA pair is $2335


Crystal's very fine Speaker cables (available with either spades or banana connectors) range in price from $1125 (2 meter pair) for the PICCOLO cables to $6250 (2 meter pair) for the ULTRA.



Another way of getting acquainted with Crystal is the CrystalConnect IPod cable, available in “Mini-Jack to RCA” or “Mini-Jack to Mini-Jack versions. The cost is $400 for a one meter cable. The 1/2 meter version is: $235. Of course, you do not have to use it with an IPod, but anything with a Mini-Jack input or output.

Although only a few years old, Crystal Cable, has an extremely wide range of products, including both RCA and XLR interconnects, Speaker cables, Power Cables, Phono Cables, Digital and Video cables (with either RCA or BNC connectors). As there are a number of possibilities and price ranges, we cannot possibly mention all of them here.


I realize that many will think these prices are “over the top”, but HI END Audio, is “HI END”!!! And, silver and gold do not grow on trees. In any case, for those interested, MA will work with you to find the most suitable cable(s) for your needs. For more extensive information and a wealth of reviews from the international HI END Audio scene, please go to:

Presently, it is possible to order online from MA, the PICCOLO and MICRO interconnects, as well as CRYSTAL SPEAK PICCOLO or MICRO versions. You can also order the Crystal Connect IPod cable : , available in Mini-Jack to RCA or Mini-Jack to Mini-Jack models.  

* And as an extra incentive, MA Recordings is offering either a free “MAonSA” SACD sampler, or a choice of any two regular CDs, to every customer that purchases Crystal Cable thru MA.

To contact MA regarding other prices and issues, please email:

I thank you in advance for your interest in MA Recordings and continuous encouragement!

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